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Gerard B. Tracy Associates, Inc. specializes in providing a full range of insurance products and services for public and private companies of any size, as well as educational institutions, alumni organizations, professional organizations, non-profit organizations and religious institutions.

Our Private Client Division specializes in handling all the personal insurance needs for our individual and family clients.

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits are an essential part to any company's total employment package. To remain competitive, companies need to hire and retain top quality employees and to do this they must offer a competitive benefit package. One of the major hurdles facing companies today is being able to develop the appropriate benefit package while keeping it competitive and more importantly affordable. With the rapidly rising cost of health insurance, offering a competitive benefit package has become a major challenge.

GBT can help customize a benefit strategy and package that will help meet your company's goals and objectives. Through our six step process we are able to help our clients consistently meet their employee benefit needs.

1. Analyze:

We work closely with each client to analyze their specific needs and goals.

2. Research:

We research the insurance market for products and services that would help our clients meet their needs and goals.

3. Design:

We use our decades of experience and expertise to design a customized comprehensive and competitive insurance package.

4. Implement:

We work within the client's boundaries to implement the insurance programs in the most effective manner. We pay close attention to detail to make sure that this process runs as smoothly and effectively as possible.

5. Service:

Satisfied clients are essential to our current and future success. We ensure client satisfaction by assigning a dedicated team to your account so that you have direct contacts for issues, concerns or questions. When you call our office, you will not get an automated message or a confusing array of options to select. We pride ourselves on being available to serve you 24/7 by any means of communication, and our goal is to resolve every issue in a timely manner.

6. Re-analyze and Provide Continuous Service:

GBT is continuously monitoring the insurance industry and market to look for new ways to help make sure our clients are receiving the best possible coverage at the best possible price. Again, we are always available to help answer any questions or solve any problems that may arise.

  • Health
  • Retiree Medical Plans
  • Life
  • Long Term Disability
  • Short Term Disability
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Long Term Care
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • 401k | 403b
  • Pension Plans
  • Group Auto & Homeowners

Individual Insurance

In the past many individuals relied upon their employers to make sure that they had all the insurance they needed. Today with the drastically rising cost of insurance many employers have reduced insurance benefits or eliminated them totally. That is why it has never been more important to speak with a qualified insurance broker to make sure that you have the protection and coverage you need. Our Private Client Division works closely with each individual and family to make sure they have the best possible coverage at the most affordable cost. With our in-depth knowledge and expertise we are able to navigate through the maze of insurance products to develop and customize an insurance package that is tailored to fit your individual and or family needs.

  • Life
  • Annuities
  • Health
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Disability
  • Long Term Care
  • Medicare Supplement Plans
  • Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Part D Plans

Property & Casualty

Property & Casualty Insurance Every business needs to protect themselves from specific and unknown risks. Gerard B. Tracy Associates, Inc., along with our P&C business partners, make sure our clients are receiving the appropriate coverage for their specific risks.

Gerard B. Tracy Associates, Inc. can help customize an insurance strategy and package that will meet your company's goals and objectives. Through our six step process we are able to help our clients consistently meet their business insurance needs.

  • Workers Comp
  • General Liability
  • Automobile
  • Umbrella / Excess
  • Property

Value Added Services

VIP Customer Care Center

The VIP Customer Care Center is a direct point of contact for both the employer and employee where all claims issues, enrollment status, changes or corrections, ID card replacement, etc. are handled. All issues are handled as a priority and most are resolved within 24 hours.

Client Community

Exclusive HR portal that provides HR staff with 24/7 access to comprehensive research tools, information and news that will assist them in the management of the benefits program. HR will also receive a monthly newsletter updating them with current news and information pertaining to the Human Resources and Employee Benefit Industry.

GBT Employee Benefit Web Portal

Powered by Benergy2G this is one of the most advanced benefits and health management systems available to employers today. This web based portal puts employees in touch 24/7 with their benefits, health, compensation and HR programs.

Benefits Bench Marking Reports

We are able to draw from a large source of employers benefit data to prepare a report that can help determine how your benefits program compares to other companies of similar demographics.

Report Management & Analysis

We receive utilization reports, claims reports, demographic reports and a number of other reports from the insurance carriers providing your benefits. With our analysis of these different reports we are able to pinpoint different factors that maybe affecting the performance of your benefits program.

Benefits Fairs & Educational Seminars

We assist in the organization and sponsoring of employee benefit fairs and numerous educational seminars. These functions provide employees with valuable information regarding their benefits package.

Personalized Benefit Statements

This is a personalized total compensation statement that presents each employee with the total value of cash compensation, employee benefits and potential tax savings.

Online Enrollment

A part of the GBT Employee Benefit Web Portal combines benefits communication and transactions on one system and ensures that education and enrollment occur in context and concurrently.

ERISA Reporting, Disclosure & Audit

Wrap SPD & 5500 preparation. ERISA Pros can provide you with compliance services for SPDs, prepare Form 5500s, Summary Annual Reports (SAR), Summary of Material Modifications (SMM), and other services necessary for employers to comply with ERISA.